How To Use The Salesletter Personalizer

Understanding The Logic Behind The Salesletter Personalizer

This script is more than just a simple personalization tool. But in order to use it, you should understand the LOGIC behind it, so the instructions make sense. It might be natural to ask "Why do that?" when you read the usage file, so I figured I'd elaborate on this script.

See, here is the process:

Visitor Lands on Your Opt-In Page == > Submit Name/Email ==> Returns To "Thank You Page"

Now, this is standard, right? But here is what happens that separates you from other site owners.

Visitor Lands on Sales Page That Personalizes ==> Salesletter Uses Cookie To Remember Repeat Visit

The repeat visit to the salesletter, if they ever re-visit, will remember their name.

But What If The Cookie Is Deleted Over Time?

This was one of the concerns when this system was created. We realized that there is nothing more embarrassing then HOPING the cookie is intact so your personalization token ( [first] ) doesn't show. That's so unprofessional.

So, what happens is if the cookie is deleted, your PHP salesletter, which you create through this personalization tool, knows to look for a "back-up" plain html salesletter. This way it doesn't personalize, but it also doesn't say "Hello [first]!", making you look unprofessional.

And the trick to making sure the NEW PHP salesletter, which you create, displays the right html salesletter is to take the HTML only salesletter and create a file called salesletter.html

NO TOKENS go in that file. So, in short, you do the following:

Then, you just visit our personalization tool. That's it! It SEEMS like a lot, but it really isn't. The first 2 steps are what you would normally do anyway.

Using the code generator

Using this script is actually pretty straight forward. All you have to do is:

Below I will break down each step in detail:

1.) Create Your Opt-In Page

Using Aweber, Get Response or Email Aces, just create your opt-in page as you normally would. Make sure your return page is a PHP page, such as

That return page is your salesletter.

2.) Create Your Salesletter (HTML ONLY) and name it salesletter.html


The salesletter you create through the personalization tool prepares for 2 things

 A.) Repeat Visitor With Cookie - Display Personalized Salesletter

 B.) Repeat Visitor With DELETED Cookie - Display STANDARD HTML salesletter as back-up

By having your html letter at salesletter.html, with no personalization tokens or PHP, you save yourself from embarrassment (i.e "Dear [first]") if a repeat visitor has no cookies.

3.) Visit The Personalization Form

You will find the form at this page:

Just go there and follow the other 2 steps

4.) Select The Autoresponder Service You Use

The first form option is a pull down menu with 3 options; Aweber, Getresponse or Email Aces. Choose which service you use.

5.) Enter Your Html Salesletter In The Personalization Form

Important Note: Create A Back-UP of Salesletter.html and, this time, add the "first name" personalization token: [first]

For instance, if you want the salesletter to say "Hi Joel," to introduce the reader, you type the following in the salesletter:

"Hi [first]"

That's it.

Take the html salesletter WITH the personalization tokens and add it to the personalization form. No need to save this as a file, just MAKE the copy with the tokens and add it to the form.

After this, you submit the form.

6.) Grab The PHP Based Code From The Form Generator

Take that code and turn it into main.php (or whatever file name you use for the autoresponder thank you page)

Place it in the same folder as salesletter.html, preferably the root folder. By root folder, I mean inside the 'public_html' folder, so it's in the same one as your homepage. So if your website is:

your visitors will see: